Here lists an overview of my research topics.

Spatial data exploration

Spatial data exploration has become a significant research topic in the field of Big Data and Visualization. Yet, working in three dimensions is particularly challenging since many 3D datasets are dense, and relevant features of the data are often occluded or not yet defined. We are trying to design and develop effective and efficient interaction techniques for data exploration.

Spatial interfaces, including tactile and tangible interface, mid-air gesture interface, provide natural interactions in the third dimension, and thus, show great potential in studying spatial data. I am interested in studying the effect of spatial interaction techniques which take into consideration data features and users’ intention.

Immersive visualization and interaction

Immersive environments, including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, offer users an engaging avenue to interact with presented information. However, they also pose challenges in the context of data exploration, such as occlusion and imprecise inputs. Additionally, these environments break the constraints of limited space inherent in 2D screens, the indirect interaction methods of keyboards and mice, and the traditional approaches to collaborative exploration. Our focus revolves around delving into multiple facets of immersive visualizations and interactions, encompassing elements like engaging displays, embodied interaction, situated visualization, user behaviors, and experiences.

Visual Data Storytelling

The amount of data produced by imaging systems is growing in size and complexity. Domain experts are analyzing and discussing the data, extracting useful information and insights. Clear presentation and successful communication of the results is essential for sharing the domain experts’ understanding. Here, visual storytelling, based on creating visual stories from data, provides an effective communication solution.