I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, China. I am also the Programme Director of MSc Human-Computer Interaction and the leader of the Research Group of Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Vision.┬áMy research focuses on interactive visualization, human-computer interaction and computer graphics. I am particularly interested in 3D interaction techniques and HCI techniques through which we can fluidly express our intention in data exploration and explanation.

I received my PhD on Scientific Visualization and Interaction Techniques from the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics group (SVCG), University of Groningen.


I am building a research lab and looking for highly creative and collaborative students. I also have positions for PhD students and research assistants. If you are interested in Data Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Interface Design and Interaction Techniques, and if you are hardworking, creative and well-motivated for high-quality research, please send an email with your CV and research plan (lingyun.yu@xjtlu.edu.cn).

For students who are interested in doing research with me, please take a look at my research interests and your research interests and experience should be clearly stated in the email.


Ziyue Yuan will start as my PhD student, working on Interaction Techniques for Visual Storytelling.

October, 2022

Together with Hai-Ning Liang (XJTLU), Yingcai Wu (Zhejiang University), and Pourang Irani (University of British Columbia), we are organizing a workshop on “Visual Analytics in Immersive Environments” in ISMAR 2022.

We will present two papers in the ISMAR workshop 2022, “MEinVR: Multimodal Interaction Paradigms in Immersive Exploration” and “L-WiM: Collaborative Exploration in Immersive Environments“.

Together with my collaborators from Zhejiang University, we will present a paper in IEEE VIS 2022 “MetaGlyph: Automatic Generation of Metaphoric Glyph-based Visualization“.

August, 2022

In ChinaVis 2022 (Xining, Qinghai), we present two research papers, “A Study of the Effect of Star Glyph Parameters on Value Estimation and Comparison” and “Effect of Display Platforms on Spatial Knowledge Acquisition and Engagement: An Evaluation with 3D Geometry Visualizations“.

In ChinaVis 2022 (Xining, Qinghai), we got 2nd prize of Data Challenges on the topic of “3D digital twin visualization scene design and construction”. Congratulations!

July, 2022

Yu Liu who I co-supervised has defended her PhD thesis on July 4. Her topic is “Information Visualisation Interfaces for Large-display Multi-device Co-located Synchronous Collaboration“. Congratulations!

December, 2021

Lixiang Zhao has started as my PhD student, working on Spatial Interaction for Data Exploration.

October, 2021

Together with my collaborators from Zhejiang University, we presented three papers in IEEE VIS, “A Visualization Approach for Monitoring Order Processing in E-Commerce Warehouse“, “VideoModerator: A Risk-aware Framework for Multimodal Video Moderation in E-Commerce” and “GlyphCreator: Towards Automatic Generation of Example-based Circular Glyphs“.

July, 2021

In ChinaVis 2021 (Wuhan), we presented the paper “VeLight: A 3D Virtual Reality Tool for CT Based Anatomy Teaching and Training” and got “Excellent Work Award” for the Data Challenges. I gave a talk on “Interactive Visualization Techniques in VR and AR”.

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